Concepted, designed and art-directed by Gordon, illustrated by Menshikova. Creative direction, some copy and guideline production by myself.
It is the purpose of irony to devour whatever material it encounters. Absurdist humor quickly becomes worn within a group that had recently discovered it. Generally, artirstic persons too quickly become weary of whatever they perceive as mainstream, even things of good quality. It is then a problem to design a bespoke perfumery boutique so that it doesn't seem vulgar in six months.
A thing I like to do in such cases is hide my creative intent. If whatever we design seems like an organic, but nonsensical system, it will take people a while to expose our design as shallow. What are these animals? (I know, but you don't.) Are they assigned roles? (Yes, but I am not going to tell you.) Do they have names? (Certainly, but you will be the last to know.)
Alice in Wonderland was a great inspiration for this brand system. It is, along with Monty Python, an ultimate example of absurdist humour that has never been debunked. Within pop culture, both these things died undefeated.
Gordon wrote copy to match the graphics and it made me jealous at the time. He, the graphic man, produced copy superior to mine! Still, he is a heavenly being and all that, so we shall cut me some slack. I was left to research, creatively direct and write the guidelines.
In the end, we lost the longevity battle. It's an old work now and most of the 'absurdist' elements were slowly washed off during Bloom's first years. The logo was restyled, but the overall warm typography lives on. Still, if you find yourself at Langley Court, make sure to pop by as the brick-and-mortar version still carries our spirit as opposed to the e-store that came later.
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