Between clients and studios,
between order and chaos

An independent executive producer specializing in VR, 3D and occasionally hot-dogs
Looking to commission
VR or 3D?
I work with hundreds of studios from 5 to 250 people in almost every price range
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VR or 3D?
I creatively guide you towards great and effective concepts
My projects are done on time and budget
8-year-long experience as an executive producer winning pitches for global brands
I will find you new clients in new markets
I will ensure that you don't have any conflicts during production
I can find contacts in any company and pitch you to a client of your dreams
No cure no pay: I work on a commission from deals brought in
RevolVR 3
Client: Never Bored, Studio: Jetstyle

A shooter staged in the robotic version of the Wild West. It is informed by data from 3m+ plays of the previous LBE instalment, which is the leading LBE title in Eastern Europe.

Press: VR Focus on RevolVR 3
Client: ADAM Tower, Studio: Jetstyle

A realistic 3D VR ride staged in Amsterdam. A great deal of Amsterdam's historical center has been meticulously modelled in 3D for people to ride through it in a mechanical rig provided by Gforcefactory.

ArtVR: Malevich, Goncharova

Client: VRTech, Studios: VRTech, Airborne Ape

It is easier for a curious person to gain more facts than it is for a knowledgeable person to ask new questions. This project strives to produce interest. These specific VR apps are dedicated to Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevich, two Russian avant-garde artists who were active in the beginning of the XX century.

Press: TechRadar, BBC


Client: VR City Zürich, Studio: VRTech

A free-roaming full-body family experience with (almost) no violence. A collection of mini-games available location-based only.
Dietsman/Total VR Training Concepts
Client: Dietsmann, Studio: VRTech

A navigation / safety training concept in VR for FPSO Clov, a large vessel owned by Total.
UPCOMING: Killer Tennis
A competitive VR game with small rackets, unlimited balls and all sorts of arcanoid-inspired bonuses stages in the postpunk Retrowave aesthetic.
Philips Landing Pages
Client: Philips, Studio: INDG

A series of landing pages for premium Philips products. Everything you see, including fruits and nuts, is in full glorious CG.

VRTech's 'Father of all demos'
Client: VRTech, Studios: VRTech

A massive VR demo showcasing VRTech's capabilities to produce industrial VR. Turbines, massive skyscrapers, interactive keynotes and visualisation of complex processes found their place in this pre-pandemics demonstration.
Sberbank City Interactive Installation
Client: Sberbank, Studio: Altspace / Digital October Group

A city come alive in Unity. Dedicated to the small business support program launched by Sber, this interactive installation allowed to emulate the impact of your very own small business on a vibrant city environment.
Why am I hired?

I'll translate ideas and business requirements into technical documents understandable by potential suppliers. This will ensure we'll get correct quotes and estimates.
To write a brief
Even during early discussions I'll be able to give you ballparks of possible costs involved. I'll point out changes that could be made to reduce them. Typically speaking this process alone pays back my commission.
To define the costs
If you have something useful in-house, we can find a way to incorporate it to the job. If you have strategical points that need to go into the future production, I'll help incorporate them.
To link new content to existing assets, ideas and strategy
Sometimes a supplier wants a great piece in their portfolio. Or they hunt for a specific industry and are willing to invest a bit into contacts. I use these factors to do more for less.
To find an effective and motivated supplier
I will build documents and decks that elaborate your ideas for suppliers and internal stakeholders alike. I typically interview stakeholders to get their viewpoints and prepare the materials to cover those.
To make a concept
A common problem in graphic production is to align on what could be changed and when. I will be pointing out if and when further amendments are undesired or affect the project deadlines.
To flag when changes are irreversible
We will make a production plan with milestones from the very start so you'll be able to see what's being delivered when.
For you to know what to expect and when
I will help define reasonable responsibility and sanctions to be included in the contract and negotiate it together with you.
To help with a precise and expressive contract
We'll have a status call every week to see where the project is going. You will also be getting exact status emails based on pre-negotiated template.
For you to know the exact status of the project
Being experienced, I can tell if things may go wrong long before they do. I will be controlling the risks and letting you know of potential trouble.
If something goes wrong, I'll know well in advance so everyone could be prepared
Once produced, assets can be re-used many times. I'll consult on how it's done best.
I help with re-use for various business contexts
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